Ongoing Project

Burning Stone

A feature-length musical film written by Tyler Brunner.

Upcoming. Check our Instagram account for the latest news.
Presented by Cliff Banquet
See you there :)
About Tyler Brunner︎


2020       Cliff Banquet Instagram Page

Interactive Workshops
Aimless Game

A series of playful games posed to the public by Joy Li, Simon Li, Tyler Brunner, and Yuchae Lee  in effort to retrieve empathy and resist numbness accumulated during the pandemic. 

07-2020      Shelter In Place Gallery

Scaled-Down Exhibition
Edgeless Sea Flows Into My Veins: A Scaled-Down Exhibition

The chosen works by Tyler Brunner and Yantong Li seek the reflection ofthemselves through channeling various parts of nature and human activities intoartistic practice.

Cliff Banquet


Cliff Banquet

CLIFF BANQUET, established by artist Joy Li and curator Joyce Liang in 2020, is a project-based artist collective producing interdisciplinary performances bi-annually.

Their successful production, Collective Dreaming, has been exhibited internationally, including shows at BBOX in Baltimore, Tree Art Museum in Beijing, and the First CSSA-Goldsmiths International Youth Art & Design Exhibition online.

Found by Joy Li and Joyce Liang. Defined by projects that we do, and our friends come and go.